Fun, funky, fundamentally fantastic, Silk and Soul, Mark and Arlette are highly entertaining with a musical depth you will love!

With an extensive repertoire from Blues to Soul, R&B and more, Silk and Soul can entertain you across all your generations.

Stevie. Smokey. Al Green and James Brown. Aretha, Chaka, Anita.

Then there's Barbara. Whitney. Righteous Brothers. Bobby Caldwell and Michael Jackson. Ellington and Nat King Cole and Bill Withers.

We gotta a whole lot of soul going on! Check us out...

We've played many places over the span of 40 years. We;re living our love and our dream together and it gets better and better.

We fell in love in high school and have been together ever since, with music being a cement as much as perhaps our love.

You will feel that love when we sing to you and know we love you too. Always have, always will.